Where to Eat

The culinary culture of Valle Sabbia consists of excellent local food and wines: from the famous cheese “Bagoss”, from Bagolino, to the tasty “Spiedo Valsabbino”, always matched with a local treasure: “Polenta”. This food differs in several types, depending on the cheese inside it and, this last kind of Polenta is named “Teragna”, originally from the village of Serle.
Lately, Polenta “Teragna” has received the De.Co. (municipal origin denomination) certification, which allows to increase definitely the relationship between “Valsabbinian” gastronomy and the territory.
Then, it consists also of honey, biological jams, truffles and fishes, such as perch.

So, a wide range of authentic and typical products that reveal some of the most appreciated and loved “Valsabbinian” dishes, rightly proposed through the most ancient recipes.
The best strength of Valle Sabbia is certainly the cheeses production but, there also excellent wines and liqueurs.