Holidays for Families

Come and visit Lake Idro and the Valle Sabbia: you will get the opportunity to sped lovely days with your family enjoying nature, culture, adventures and lots of others beautiful discoveries.
We offer various aternatives that will satisfy all your expectations…

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To get a complete overview of Lake Idro, you can choose to take a boat trip that is available at various times during the day.

There are numerous stops, where you can get off and admire the villages that are along the coast, visit the beaches, let the children play in the playgrounds, have a picnic, or eat in the local restaurants.

For lovers of the lake landscape, Idro offers the possibility to carry out mini-cruises around the lake. The service leaves from Lemprato, and carries out the following stops: Crone, Vantone, Anfo, Vesta, Baitoni and Ponte Caffaro.

The tour of the lake takes about two hours with the possibility of stops to enjoy the delicacies of the area and then continue with the tour.

More information here...



Once in Casto you pass the centre of the village and follow the signs for the “Ferrate” (Forges). You’ll arrive at a parking lot where you have to leave your car and where you find all the indications of the departures of the itineraries. The Forges’ Park offers a variety of activities not only for adults but also for children.

“Rifugio Paradiso” is a refuge which is quite easily reachable by crossing small paths, wooden bridges and, in some stretches, small waterfalls.

Once you arrive at the shelter you can find a lawn with some tables where you can stop for a nice picnic and where children can play on the slide and on the swings. Alternatively, always quite easily, you can spend the day venturing into the path of the forges, which alternates bridges and paths suitable for children. You can then stop for a relaxing snack on the beach of the two ponds of crystal clear water where you can swim.
There is also a small path called “mini park” to entertain children. More information here...



Reachable from the village of Anfo, the Rocca is a structure consisting of several outposts, trenches, covered streets, housing for soldiers and barracks. The Fortress was an important outpost of the Republic of Venice and was later modernised by Napoleon Bonaparte.
To visit it you must book online at or call the Territorial Tourism Agency Valle Sabbia and Lago d’Idro (tel. +39. 3756221121)



Once in Bagolino you arrive at  Mignano’s street and park at the “Pineta” (Pine Forest).
It’s an area equipped with barbecue, tables with benches, children’s play area, fishing pond with equipment rental, a river with a beach, beach volleyball’s court, and on request tennis court and bowls. There is a fountain which is ideal for putting fruit and drinks in the cool. In the Pinewood area there is also a bar. It’s an ideal place to spend a relaxing day enjoying the alpine breeze. More information here...



Once in Serle, you pass the hamlet of Villa and you find the signs “Natural Monument of Cariadeghe”. It’s a site of community importance and it occupies the north-western portion of the homonymous calcareous massif in the municipality of Serle. Here you can take a simple walk immersed in the green, to discover the natural and cultural treasures through paths, mule tracks, wonderful views and suburban roads with little traffic. There is the possibility to choose between two paths: the Omber Trail which, in an hour and a half walk, reaches the Cascina del Comune, an agricultural building from the mid-nineteenth century, located in a large meadow: an ideal place to rest; or the Walk to San Bartolomeo which lasts about 50 minutes. More information here...



Once in Capovalle, from the hamlet of Zumiè, through a narrow-asphalted road you reach the Montestino’s Refuge with the attached small church of the Alpini. Here there is a large parking lot where you have to leave your car. Next to the Refuge there is a mule track that runs along the trenches, tunnels of the First World War with numerous stones that recall the artillery positions. At the peak of Mount Stino there is a billboard showing where the other cannons for defending the Italian front were positioned around Lake Idro.
The view can range on all the surrounding peaks also helped by the stone that indicates them. From the summit you can enjoy a fantastic view on Lake Idro, Rocca d’Anfo and the Adamello mountain group. It is an easy route, feasible even with strollers and children can have fun in the green meadows. More information here...



Arrive at “Vasche in Forno d’Ono” locality, where you will find a beautiful waterfall of the purest water which is the natural habitat of the trout. Not far away you will find the Acqua Bianca trouts husbandry that has 4 tanks for fishing reserved to children, who will be able to cook the fish caught in the barbecue prepared or simply buy the fishes by choosing from a wide variety of trout: brown, iris, salmon and marmorata.

For information call Vampini Arrigo tel. 3664766564. More information here...



Once in the parking lot of Avenone (hamlet of Pertica Bassa) you will find an owl carved in wood that will show you the path to follow; along the way you will find another six that will take you to the Ark of Thoughts (“Arca dei Penser” in italian).
The ark is an amphitheater of spruces, stones and lots of green, punctuated by original wooden sculptures that portray the theme of the sitting: chairs, thrones, games or animals on which to sit and listen to the silence of a magical corner in the woods.
Who would not want to sit on a paunchy oil lamp or on a frog? Go to this place and simply sit on the sculpture that suits you, possibility having a picnic in the shade of majestic firs. More information here...



Once in Bione, continue on the main road towards Pieve, where you can park your car.

From there, through a pleasant 40-minute walk through streets and mule tracks, you come to the church of Santa Maria Assunta, the home of the Angels and following the path you reach the extensive Lò plain, ideal for relaxing and for a pleasant pic nic, where children can play freely in the spacious meadows and on the bank of the pond. More information here...