Experience in Valle Sabbia

Give an emotion to your family or yourself by participating in the experiences offered by local farms or artisans. Your soul will be rewarded by living unique and unforgettable moments


At the table with Bagòss: King of Bagolino

Gianluca is our guide and, surrounded by cheeses, he tells the stages of production of Bagòss, the rhythm that marks his days. Guided, we will taste the King and other mountain products served with local vegetables in oil, 0 Km jams, polenta and an excellent glass of red.
In the summer, those who wish can reach the pastures and visit the production in the mountain pastures: a sip of milk and a greeting to the brunettes!


Kneading and leavening: fragrances of bread

The Bazzoli pastry shop, which is first of all a large family, fuses pastry chefs with bakers and, from the genuine dough, obtains a production that combines innovation while remaining faithful to tradition. Craftsmanship is at home and the few machines integrate the experience and creativity that the hands of the masters skillfully express.

And Beniamino, proud baker and interpreter of the company’s Bread Line, is happy to welcome us and reveal his little secrets.


Life as a Goatherd: excursion to the “Prato della Noce” Nature Reserve

Autonomous excursion at the first ray of sunshine to the Prato della Noce hut, in a splendid area between the Sabbia Valley and Lake Garda, in the Lombardy Forest of Western Gardesana. The hut is loaded with mestizo and blonde Adamello goats, which will make the trip truly amazing!


Open door in the malga

The experience offers the opportunity to closely witness the production of cheese and butter, following the stages from milking to milk processing. At the end, tasting of the products and visit to the farm that hosts cows, goats, pigs and chickens .

The event is scheduled for the weekends of May and September depending on bookings.


The taste of the forest: the “castagnata”

A fun chestnut harvest party with friends, with a visit to the chestnut grove, chestnut harvest, cooking and final tasting. The visitor will be accompanied by the friendly staff of the farm, who will reveal all the secrets of the chestnut, a typical autumn fruit.


Life as a farmer

Opportunity to visit the stable and the animals, milk them and finally taste the milk. An active experience where the protagonist will be the public, for the occasion … factor for a day!