Experiences in Valle Sabbia

What experiences can you have in Valle Sabbia? The Valley is a treasure trove of experiences to be discovered. Experiences to live with family or friends. The territory is characterized by mountains, stretches of water, such as Lake Idro and the river Chiese, plateaus and ancient villages.

There are many farms or local artisans who proudly show how they work their products. Many are the organizers of sports activities.

There are a great deal of paths for walks around the lake or at high altitude.

Live an authentic experience. Discover what to do in Valle Sabbia.

Boat on Lake IdroLake Life

Do you like to relax on the beach during your holiday? Take a regenerating bath after a walk or a bike ride? Come to Valle Sabbia and enjoy your holiday on Lake Idro.

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Lake Idro has several beaches, each with its own characteristics. The best way to visit them all is by boat Idra. The boat that sails around Lake Idro completes a complete tour of the lake.


shepherd's cottageLife at high altitude

Life at high altitude is definitely one of the experiences you can have in Valle Sabbia.

Come and discover the mountains of Valsabbia and you will be amazed!

Walking along the paths of Valle Sabbia you can discover enchanting views, flora and wildlife, but there is also the possibility of finding yourself in front of an alpine hut with grazing cows, where you can taste fresh and seasoned cheese.

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The taste of the forest: the “castagnata”

A fun chestnut harvest party with friends, with a visit to the chestnut grove, chestnut harvest, cooking and final tasting. The visitor will be accompanied by the friendly staff of the farm, who will reveal all the secrets of the chestnut, a typical autumn fruit.

Life as a farmer

Opportunity to visit the stable and the animals, milk them and finally taste the milk. An active experience where the protagonist will be the public, for the occasion … factor for a day!