In the hamlet of Alone, about 4km from the center of the town of Casto, there is the building complex to which the House of the Community belongs. This building, restored during 1996, houses on its facade looking the valley of the river Meruzzo, a fresco depicting a lion from the early 1600s. The fresco restoration began at the same pace with that of the structure to end the spring of the following year and it was conservative and reconstructive. The image depicted is that of a large lion (the frame measures almost two meters high) turned to the left and having a large wing, a long tail and the paw raised in the foreground, to hold an open book. The book, large and open, is painted white and on the right page bears an epigraph that reads: “PAX TIBI MARCE EVANG ELISTA MEVS”. The position on the second page, choosing to leave the left one blank, is a peculiar characteristic that distinguishes the lion of Alone from other Marcian lions. The lion also holds a short and triangular sword, an attribute of the lion of Saint Mark that is usually referred to justice or war. The background is neutral today, although it is conceivable that originally the creature posed its legs on land and water, of which now remain only two very small fragments. The year of the execution of the fresco is known, it is 1619. This date is on the right internal jamb of the original entrance door to the building, preceded by the letters “CA” (probably Communis / Comunitas Alonis / Alonensis) and placed on the same layer of the fresco.


  • Casto (BS)