At the foot of the Acqua Bianca waterfall in the locality of Vasche in Forno d’Ono, you can spend pleasant days devoting yourself to fishing in trout farming tanks or in the Degnone stream.

In a place of enchantment, where the Acqua Bianca waterfall, of spring origin, makes a jump of about 30 meters and which continues joining the Gorgo stream creating the Degnone stream, which descends to Vestone.

The purest spring waters are the natural habitat in which freshwater trout develop and live, the quality of the fish reared largely depends on the quality of the water used. The Acqua Bianca trout farm also has four pools for children.

Here you can not only fish, but also cook your fish in the barbecue area, or simply buy it by choosing from a varied variety of trout: Fario, Salmerino di Fonte, Iridea, Salmonata and Marmorata