The old tradition of eating well began in the early 1900s when Fucina Marta opened a modest tavern in Vico. The son Araceli Stefano and his wife Caterina together with the little Marta, continued the activity during the great war, adding to the simple tavern also a kitchen. Marta was forced by events and need, to serve as a cook outside the country. This experience enabled her to develop her innate abilities, giving her the necessary expertise to renovate the family business.
In 1951 she transformed it into the “Combat Club” which soon became a meeting place, not only for the villagers, but also for tourists attracted by traditional cuisine and conviviality.
Marta continued for many years with great passion and character, together with her husband Bortolo, and then transmitted art and knowledge to her daughter Graziella, who in 1975 transformed the restaurant into “Trattoria Lamarta” in honor of her mother.
Graziella with her husband Dario and then with her sons Alessio and Rubina has developed this old restaurant, renewing the culinary proposals in respect of tradition and real flavors of the territory.
Guests are welcomed by a colorful flower painting on the outside of the building.
The terrace in summer allows you to breathe the crisp air of the surrounding mountains and in winter an inviting fireplace lead the access into the small hall.
Here the seasons decide the dishes, and everything is based on the charm of genuine products, strictly of the territory, lovingly cooked according to the ancient tradition.
A family management – we start with local cold cuts and then move on to the first home-made products enriched with forest fruits (asparagus, wild herbs and exclusively local mushrooms) and the vegetable garden. On the fire cook grills and spits while in the pot dishes of game, roasts and goats and a selection of fresh and aged local cheeses. To sweeten the palate a triptych of homemade desserts.
At the end of the meal you can taste the sgrupignì; as mysterious as effective digestive.
To exalt the kitchen an extensive wine list with regional, Italian and international proposals, with an eye to the relationship between quality and price.


  • Via Tito Speri, 56