The Trattoria Castello was founded at the end of the ‘800 by Angelo Zanola, passing for four generations until the current management of Emilio Zanola, and operating in three different locations always in the homonymous village.
At the Trattoria Castello you go up to taste the typical dishes of the local tradition.
Packaged with products from Serle, it presents many dishes with mushrooms and game in the menu, such as potato and egg pasticcio, porcini soup, egg chanterelles and truffles pâté, baccalà with chestnuts, but above all there is magnificent Spiedo DE.CO. of Serle with polenta of three flours that alone is worth a trip; wanting to end the lunch with sweetness, you can taste some traditional dessert, including chestnut pears flour and dark chocolate, the “chiosol” with zabaione sauce and brown mousse with persimmon sauce.
Emilio takes care of the winery with a selection of about 500 labels with a prevalence of red wines and a careful selection of Italian wines, with a preference for the area of Montalcino.


  • Via Castello, 38