Lake Idro, where the mountains reflect, leaving among the ripples of water, shades of green, can be visited in an alternative way: The Boat, a relaxing and pleasant style to discover hidden corners, romantic views and fascinating sceneries. For the lovers of the lake landscape, Idro offers the possibility to carry out a mini-cruises. The service leaves from Lemprato and carries out the following stops: Crone, Vantone, Anfo, Vesta, Baitoni and Ponte Caffaro.

The Tour of the Lake takes about two hours with the possibility to stop, enjoy the delicacies of the place and then continue with the Tour.

The service is active from June to September.


  • Idro, Lemprato, Crone, Vantone, Vesta, Baitoni, Ponte Caffaro, Anfo