Different and with varying degree of difficulty, the best known ferrata on Lake Idro and Casto are:
Ferrata Crènch is a fun medium-hard route that starts from Crone d’Idro and goes up the south face steep of Punta Pelata. At the end of the via ferrata (with journey times of 1.20 h), it is possible to descend to the valley in about half an hour following a well marked path. Or you can continue the hike on the path that leads to Cima Crènch and enjoy a breathtaking view overlooking Lake Idro, embracing the Brenta Dolomites and the Brescia’s Prealps. Before reaching the top, there is a suggestive location of the Second World War excavated in the rock. Afterwards, you can go down the opposite side to the Cocca d’Idro (680 meters) and go back to the parking lot.
Ferrata Sasse (journey times of 2.40 h) is a suggestive route that winds along the eastern shore of Lake Idro, connecting the docks of Baitoni di Bondone and Vesta di Idro. It is therefore possible to follow the ferrata in both directions. Also recommended for children, this route allows you to have fun in an unforgettable landscape, the ferrata follows the long side of the lake. For the return, it is possible to follow the path of the Smugglers, which rises in elevation allowing an even better view, or rise further up the level to take the Trail of the Pylons. During the summer, it is also possible to return by boat, making a nice ride by water
Ferrata Fregio: very difficult path that starts from Vesta of Idro and consists of two short ferrate (Fregio Basso and Fregio Alto or Ferrata Delle Ginestre) with travel time of about 30 minutes plus 20 minutes of descent. It is possible, through a path, to reach the point of connection between the two, therefore, they can be traveled independently from one another. It should be noted that the first ferrata is particularly demanding and it is advisable to carefully evaluate one’s degree of experience before starting it.
The Via Ferrata of Casto is located within the wonderful Parco delle Fucine, a park where you can find overhanging rocks, streams, ponds, climbing walls, tibetan bridges, canyons, zip lines and much more. There are 13 via ferratas and it is possible to build your own itinerary according to your skills, in fact there are routes for different levels of experience. An adventure park for fun with your family and friends.




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