Pre-existences of a general nature of the structure date back to the sixteenth century, when a chapel was built on the miraculous apparition of a painting of the Virgin Mary. The church is located in the homonymous location of Rio Secco. On the gabled façade stands out the wide terracotta rose window with the figure of Mary and the central portal in granite with frescoed jambs between two decorated middle windows, beneath which the benefactors are mentioned. The lower part of the facade is decorated with ample bands according to the Tuscan Romanesque style. The summit, corresponding to the cusp of the hut, is decorated in terracotta with large hanging arches, where there are frescoes of the apostles with Christ the Redeemer in the centre and Mary Most Holy on his right. On the facades of the two naves on the sides, placed in small hanging arches, there is a group of saints on the left and on the right respectively. On the right aisle there is a plaque in memory of Don Gaudenzio Squaratti, known for the enlargement of the sanctuary and the particular impulse to Marian devotion. On the left of the church there is a small walkway that allows you to turn around the building, to reach the crypt of the year 1570. Continuing is the bell tower and, crossing the portico, you return to the square in front of the main entrance. The interior of the sanctuary has a classical structure with pillars and arches. The ceiling has a wide chest of drawers, the poly-lobed apse with a radial apse has a starry sky decoration


  • Capovalle (BS)