The Sanctuary of the Madonna delle Cornelle is placed in the locality of Livrio and at its side there is still the ancient church dedicated to Mary, built during the 16th century. The current structure has an octagonal plan, and is located directly on the road ahead, as the actual front of the building is placed on a rocky spur.
The façade is characterised by a quadrangular vaulted arcade, which also covers the adjacent portion of the road, and from which the church is accessed, while the actual churchyard is located on the side of the church. At the top there is a partially arched window and the entire façade ends with a horizontal cornice and pitched roof. The interior has an octagonal plan, small in size but finely decorated and frescoed with vaulted roof enriched by a central lantern. The presbytery is raised and quadrangular and ends in a flat apse floor on which the large high altar is set. Next to it the vestry, service rooms, and the bell tower.


  • Provaglio Val Sabbia (BS)