The Rocca di Bernacco was built from the ruins of an ancient castle adjacent to a medieval village that still exists today. The site can be reached starting from the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Mangher. Once you reach the top, the view is fascinating: you can observe the entire valley of Vallio Terme and admire the landscape up to Lake Garda. It is said that the Rocca di Bernacco was built even in the time of Charlemagne, then donated four centuries later to the monastery of San Pietro di Serle.
From the thirteenth century the events of the fortress begin to get confused, although the few sources lead us to think that the building has survived for a few more centuries, until at least 1439, the year during which the troops visconti, in the war against Venice. The lack of certain historical information about its destruction, however, leaves ample room for legends, including that of Giacinto Corgnoni, according to which were billions of ants to exterminate the occupants of the fortification, during a revolt against the human race, judged too cruel.



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