Here in 1937 Mora Ogni Bene (called Gibilì, ancient family’s nickname) began the activity of “Stable and Accomodation”.
In 1959 he was succeeded by his son Germano who transformed it into the restaurant “Al Cavallino”, a traditional destination for convivial brigades, an obligatory point on the Sunday after mass, where he prepared the “Consì” (cold boiled meat salad, onions, bagòss, capers and green sauce), the “Malfatti” (wild spinach gnocchi, seasoned with spilled butter and bagòss cheese), the “Mereconde” (gnocchi of bread, eggs, cheese, sausage, mountain herbs baked in the oven with butter and bagòss ) his strong dish.
From 2003 the management of “Al Cavallino” is to his son Samuele who adapted the place to pizzeria, and since then even the pizza has taken the taste of the bagòss, honour and pride of this valley, which owes its structured taste, decided and aromatic but not spicy.
Here you can enjoy it roasted on the plate, served in flakes, or with polenta or fresh bread and wine for a dish that is enough for itself.



  • Via San Giorgio, 164