Music, art, social information and food mix in a “subversive” way inside the Trattoria Pegaso, designed to be an alternative restaurant.
Founded in 1988 by the collaboration of Franco Liloni, painter and glottologist, and his brother Adriano, restaurateur since 1982, the Trattoria Pegaso has immediately become the ideal location for many culinary and artistic events.
This kind of address has been marked by the entry into the company of Nadia Zampedri which has managed to give an even more unusual and exclusive cut to the cuisine of Trattoria Pegaso, which has opened to tastes and flavors of the sea contaminated by the scents of the whole Mediterranean area.
The evolution in the kitchen could not be followed by a more careful research of the products and raw materials used, research that reached its peak in the project “Sovversivi del gusto”, a national association that has gathered many small producers of agribusiness.
For a typical family management, corresponds a staff in force since 2008 that constitutes the consolidated team of Trattoria Pegaso.
The collaborators are entrusted with part of the execution of the dishes as well as table service, from 30 to 55.


  • Via Tormini, 72 – frazione Soprazocco