Joselito was born from an idea full of passion and enthusiasm, characterised by an all-female staff.
Joselito is synonymous with “woman cooking”.
It was founded in 1978 after the construction of the condominium “Il Caffaro”.
The builders of the new residential complex, Carla Stagnoli and her husband Salvatore Messinese, opened two rooms with the name of their children: the pastry shop Olivia and the pizzeria Joselito (considering the name of the son Giuseppe too banal). In October 1979 the pizzeria business was bought by Favoroso Giacomo and Lombardi Merice, who run it together for 22 years.
In 2001, Merice independently managed the pizzeria, and when passion, enthusiasm and determination converge, work becomes a woman.
She completely revolutionised the atmosphere of the room, making it elegant, warm and welcoming.
The two daughters Veronica and Giovanna collaborate with Merice, and the staff is made exclusively of women.
At our restaurant you can taste fish and meat specialties, or a good pizza with friends cooked in our wood oven, the house’s spaghetti, the famous seafood salad, the tasting of cheeses with jams of our own production and the excellent desserts made by us.
All our dishes are prepared with the highest quality ingredients, to guarantee the taste and authenticity of our kitchen.
Exposed everywhere, you will find bottles, now empty, of whiskey, which come from the famous whiskey of the much esteemed and beloved friend Edoardo Giaccone: a unique character, perhaps a bit grumpy, but with great intelligence and culture. A great professionist and the greatest connoisseur in the world of whiskey.


  • Via Tito Speri, 5 – Ponte Caffaro