Giropizza was born from the idea of Giorgio that, in addition of growing his business, decided to think about his son Andrea, enter him in to the business to manage it in the best possible way.
Giropizza Park evolves from a fundamental consideration of families, creating a solution dictated by their needs, but without neglecting young people and companies.
Our proposal is aimed at a 360-degree target from 0 to 100 years, hence the drive to create an innovative format, making sure to convey positive sensations in terms of taste and fun.
Our goal is to make our customers feel good by creating a familiar and joyful atmosphere.
Competence, innovation and enthusiasm are the tools with which we conduct our business day by day.
From appetizers to dessert from Giropizza Park you can taste dishes of excellent cuisine thanks to a scrupulous research.

The services offered within our Kids Area meet all your needs, thanks to the qualified staff and the certified and safe facilities you can relax in peace while your children will have fun without limits.
Our children’s area is available by appointment for birthday parties and events.




  • Via Bellini, 13