Church of the Visitation of Mary to Elizabeth is located in the central square of Vestone, built in the last decade of 1500 and consecrated May 4, 1625. The majestic seventeenth-century facade of the parish church is characterized by the black stone portal of Levrange.The structure is anticipated by an arched churchyard and has a façade divided into two orders. The lower one, larger, is equipped with central openings, including a main portal flanked by two side doors. The upper register, on the other hand, has a large three-light window with round arches. Both registers are marked by pilasters, while a jutting tympanum is csitting on top.The interior has a single nave with large side chapels and has a varnished vaulted roof, characterized by a uniform decorative apparatus on all internal surfaces. The presbytery is raised and quadrangular, with a choir on the left side containing the organ. The roof is barrel vaulted, and the presbytery is closed by a semicircular apsidal backdrop, at the center of which is set the main altar.
Inside the church you can admire paintings by Palma the young, Rottini, Paglia and A. Rubagotti, a large seventeenth-century crucifix and precious reliquaries of the seventeenth century, coming from the convent of Mocenigo. Unfortunately, a large part of the artistic heritage has been destroyed because of the raids and devastations carried out by the numerous armies that have crossed the valley, using the church as a hospital or as a resting place. Next to the church are the vestry, the bell tower, and some service rooms.


  • Vestone (BS)