The park is a real wonder: mountains with overhanging rocks, numerous climbing walls and 18 well-equipped paths connected by, immersed in a beautiful valley dug by the teams, which, in case you need allow you to return to the start very quickly. There are 7 tibetan bridges and for the bravest 4 zip lines for breathtakingly launches from 80 metres high. Very enjoyable and interesting is the path called “Stretta di Luina”, a natural canyon carved in to the rock by water, that leads the hiker in a fascinating environment made of steps in the water between two walls of rock: a show!
Thinking also for the little ones, the “Mini Park” was created with a specially equipped path for a first approach to hiking and the mountain environment, very suggestive and stimulating. From a lovely relaxation there are turquoise ponds with crystal water, flowing rivers that shape the nature around them and waterfalls that enrich the amazing views. All away from traffic, noise, stress. There are also a beautiful and complete safe cycle path for mountain bikes, a ring shape trekking route around the mountain that climbs and then descends with views of the woods and glimpses of the valley below, a valley with remains of the ancient forges in activity until last century with the Pojat used to make coat, the hammer that beats the iron and the Tina De L’Ora that, with the pressure of the water, created the air to fuel the fire.
Always open for food, drinks and information, the “Càa dele Strée” is the beautiful bar with the wooden sculptures. From here Rifugio Paradiso and Rifugio Nasego can be reached on foot.
The entrance to the park is free, there is the possibility to rent the equipment for the various sports activities.