Lying on a green hill overlooking an extraordinarily varied landscape that spans from Lake Garda to Brescia, from the Po Valley to the peaks of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, the Osteria Antica Fornace building peeps out among a rich vegetation, showing in its new appearance as a result of a recent restructuring.
As a conclusive result of a great culinary passion of the owner Giuliano Franzoni, the restaurant, spacious and comfortable, has been offering for the past year hospitality and good food with a range of dishes from the country feast tradition that is at the base of a genuine and captivating gastronomy.
And not for nothing the imprint given fascinates those who love lavish meals and being able to choose between a wide range of dishes: from the inimitable torello to the Spiedo, stuffed porchetta, from delicious grilled game dishes without forgetting the fresh handmade pasta and stuffed caserecce with carefully chosen selection of wines as a worthy pairing with every dish.
And in the summer Giuliano receives his clientele on the cosy terrace, amid the pleasant notes of an orchestra supported by the breeze that descends from the surrounding mountains, to also offer an adequate refreshment to those fleeing from the unnerving heat.


  • Via Piave, 65 – località Bornidolo