The Old Bridge of Vobarno (in italian “Ponte Vecchio”) was built towards the end of the sixteenth century, during the period of Venetian domination, along the course of the river Chiese, in the heart of the village of Vobarno.
At the library of the village it seems to be preserved a fragment of the resolution relating to the bridge, which was built to replace the previous one, probably built with wooden beams. The realisation would have been in Venetian style and in all likelihood from skilled architects of Verona’s origin.
The bridge, built in stone, gives access to the historic centre of Vobarno and has been restored, along with the nearby piazzetta, in 2007. Until the early decades of the twentieth century the Ponte Vecchio represented the only way to access the area across the river. Today, after the construction of other works on the river Chiese, the bridge is only used on foot or by bicycle, excluding some special occasions.


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