The Museum of Work was born in the year 2000 thanks to the activity of a group of friends gathered in a Committee, enthusiastic collectors of testimonies related to the economy of Valle Sabbia, with a strong interest in craft products and industry. In 2001 the Committee merges with the homonymous association.
The building of Via Madonna del Convento, renovated and made available by the local Council, has been the definitive venue of the museum since 2008. It recalls the ancient institution founded by the Capuchin friars in the early seventeenth century. Suppressed at the end of the eighteenth century, the building was used as a barracks, headed to the Garibaldi’s Colonel Giovanni Chiassi. At the end of the nineteenth century it hosted a company of Alpini called “Rocca d’Anfo” and then, with the expansion of it, “Battaglione Vestone”. It was used as a field hospital and warehouse in the Great War; later it hosted the “Ariete” division of the Lupi di Toscana cavalry and in the second world war it served as a gathering place for prisoners of war, used also by the “Brigate Nere” of the Social Republic of Salò.
It became a place of supervision with the Disciplinary Company and was used as a shelter for displaced families following the landslide event of 1959, which took place in the Levrange hamlet of Pertica Bassa.


  • Via Roma 7, Forno d’Ono di Pertica Bassa