In the small museum of Capovalle are kept some evidences of the war events dating back to the first and second world war.
Capovalle was a border town between the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the Kingdom of Italy. In its surroundings, during the First World War, tunnels and trenches were built, in particular on Mount Stino, a mountain that dominates the inhabited center and dominates Lake Idro. It was in the 1990s that Giuseppe Lombardi (Peppino) worked to create a museum on Monte Stino.
One of the galleries is adopted as a venue and becomes a destination for many visitors. However, various plunders forced Peppino to move the finds to a safer place. After many vicissitudes that first collection was dismantled.
In 2005, the year of the “Monte Suello” Alpine sectional meeting in Capovalle, some volunteers took the opportunity to prepare a “temporary” exhibition that was never disassembled. In 2009, the Council provided two rooms and small funds with which the volunteers restructured the assigned spaces, equipped them with stands for the finds. Later the non-profit association “Museo Reperti bellici Capovalle” was set up, which still manages the museum and the trenches and tunnels on Monte Stino.
The finds are exhibited in two separate rooms, divided respectively between findings dating back to the first and second World Wars. In the museum are also visible two reconstructions of very suggestive military barracks.
The finds consist of clothing, supplies, weapons and medals.


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