On the walls of the town of Anfo comes to life the “Path of Murals”, an evolving project wanted by the Friends of the Mine Group that, through its images, tells the country and its history. Following it you have the impression of going back in time, it seems to still hear the sounds and smells of that past so far. The route continues over time, enriching itself from year to year with new locations that speak of a lost era. Once finished, it will consist of fifteen stations that will accompany visitors along the history of Anfo.

“La Fonte del Minatore”, inaugurated in July 2004, is the zero point of the “Path of the Murales”. The fountain is located exactly in the place where 60 years ago stood the old one, which had been removed because it is said to bring moisture to the adjacent houses. From this point starts the path, which goes down and goes back to the village, accompanying history.

The first mural, titled “For Do Not Forget”, was inaugurated on July 27, 2008 and consists of two images. The first one represents Via Orti (where it is also located) as it appeared in the 1930s and the ancient village of Anfo in its simple beauty. The other image portrays the Zanardi family in Valcornera (Darzo), and precisely the barite mine where Zanardi worked.

The second Murales was inaugurated on 13 July 2011, and is entitled “Anfo: memorie di vita e lavoro”. It is realized, like all the others, with a particular procedure that allows to transfer on ceramic the old images. It is composed of two images, which enclose the mine work and the laborious daily work of the women of the country during the years ’40. Note, on the left, the basket to bring the clothes, and a bracket of the “Carel”, the typical means of transport that was used at the time to bring a bit of everything, from wood, to hay. Finally, you can see in the background, on the right, the Rocca d’Anfo, and it is evident how low the lake was.

The third mural has the evocative title: “From the earth, avaricious or generous, the fatigue of living” and was inaugurated on July 28, 2012. The Murales consists of two images. In the one on the left you can see four women intent on digging a field. The second image, however, refers to the mine of Darzo, and you can see two miners pushing the carriage loaded with barite towards the exit.

“The Miner’s Cross”, inaugurated on July 27, 2008, is the culmination of the Murals Trail, and represents the conclusion of a fascinating journey, rich in history, culture and tradition. The Cross bears a plaque on which we read: “Come to you, O God, of the miner before her”. The Gruppo Amici della Miniera has created a path that, starting from the town of Anfo, leads to the place in about an hour and thirty, offering really beautiful panoramic views, culminating in the spectacular view of the village and Lake Idro.


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