Cariadeghe is reached from Nuvolento passing through Serle and from Botticino following the road to S. Gallo and Castello di Serle; in the locality of Villa, where the two paths meet, continue within the asphalt road to the upland.
Serle, a karstic and hilly territory, rich in history and charm, is known above all for the Altopiano of Cariadeghe, an area of great naturalistic importance, both for its geology and for its flora and fauna.
Serle is a territory to be discovered that offers the opportunity to visit numerous places of interest not only for naturalists and hikers but also for simple nature lovers who can walk along trails and itineraries on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback.
Walking along the paths you will encounter giant centenary trees, vertiginous views of caves, the so-called “Bus del Lat” cavities once used for the storage of milk, the testimonies of the ancient monastic power concentrated in the complex built in the Middle Ages on Mount S. Bartolomeo.
You will find hospitality in small farms dedicated to the breeding of cows, goats and the processing of milk in excellent cheeses and homemade ice cream.
Spiedo, chestnuts and mushrooms are the main culinary attractions.
It offers a remarkable program of guided tours, folklore events, popular and sporting festivals all year round, which offer the opportunity and the pretext to discover the beautiful scenery of this hilltop village.
The Altopiano of Cariadeghe is an undulating territory, extending behind Serle to an average altitude of 700/800m between the Valle di Caino, the slopes of the Dragoncello mountain to the south-west, and the Ucia mountain to the north, while towards south, it opens bright on the flat land.
The environment is very green and pleasant; at the beginning there are meadows with some farms, while inside there is a thick wooded mantle with hazelnuts, birches, hornbeams and some beautiful beech trees. Thanks to a varied network of paths and dirt roads (tabulated) that disentangle with minimal difference of level, the Altopiano can be walk around far and wide without particular difficulties. The characteristic that makes it an almost unique environment in Lombardy, are the karstic phenomenologies: it has in fact a unique and singular conformation in the context of the natural landscape of Brescia, mainly due to its showy and widespread manifestations of karst; dolines and sinkholes that penetrate the rocky subsoil. The vegetation consists of grazing fields, woods, large glades covered with Heather plants and Phoenician juniper. A large number of birds of prey should be noted.


  • Serle,
  • Piazza Boifava,13
  • Altopiano di Cariadeghe