Life at high altitude is definitely one of the experiences you can have in Valle Sabbia.

Come and discover the mountains of Valsabbia and you will be amazed!


Walking along the paths of Valle Sabbia you can discover enchanting views, flora and wildlife, but there is also the possibility of finding yourself in front of a malga with grazing cows, where you can taste fresh and mature cheeses.


From Bagolino, Lavenone, Vobarno to Pertica Alta there is no lack of opportunities to visit the malghe. In Pertica Alta in summer the cows go up to Pian del Bene, where there are six malghe on the border between Valle Sabbia and Val Trompia. Imagine the spectacle that awaits you!


Milk processing is the primary activity of the herdsman, thanks to which he produces butter and cheese of exceptional quality in order to guarantee his subsistence.


Come and experience the authentic Valle Sabbia, we are waiting for you!


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