Do you like to relax on the beach during your holiday? Take a regenerating bath after a walk or a bike ride? Come to Valle Sabbia and enjoy your holiday on Lake Idro.


Lake Idro is 12 km long and has several beaches, each with its own characteristics. The best way to visit them all is by boat Idra. The boat that sails around Lake Idro completes a complete tour of the lake. It departs from Lemprato, stopping at Crone, Vantone, Anfo, Vesta, Ponte Caffaro and Baitoni before returning to its point of departure. However, there are some small, wild beaches which can only be reached by canoe or on foot along the paths.

The complete boat tour lasts two hours, during which you can relax and let the lake breeze pamper you. From the boat you have a complete view of the entire lake coast.


From the water, passing through Anfo, you can admire the imposing Rocca d’Anfo, a fortress with hundreds of years of history, which is definitely worth a visit. The guided tour must be booked (access without a guide is not possible) on the Rocca d’Anfo website.

A typical day on Lake Idro includes: a boat trip, a day at the beach with swimming and napping, a canoe or sup ride and, to finish, an aperitif on the beach. What do you think?

Are you a very active person? Do you prefer to enjoy the lake by bike or hiking? This is also possible. Along the lake shore there are paths both directly on the lake shore and at high altitude, some suitable for bikes.


Expert trekkers can reach Monte Stino from Paròle (Idro) and enjoy the lake from above. For the less experienced, Monte Censo can be reached from the small church of Santa Petronilla (Anfo).

You can also enjoy the view of Lake Idro from the via ferrata Sasse, a route that connects Vesta (Idro) to Baitoni (equipment can be hired at Camping Azur Rio Vantone).


Lake Idro is certainly suitable for spending days with the whole family. There are plenty of picnic areas and playgrounds for children. For those wishing to enjoy good food, there are numerous restaurants where you can savour local specialities.



  • Lemprato – Idro


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  • 7€ per person


  • Max 100