The fresco was created by Adriano Grasso Caprioli and Giovanni Biavini in 1982 and inaugurated on April 25 of the same year, in the presence of the partisan commander sen. Italo Nicoletto. The painting, clearly visible to anyone passing through the town of Lavenone, bears the inscription from the Fascist era: “WE DREAM THE ROMAN ITALY”. This choice was made to keep alive the memory of a historical period that marked a generation, with the intent of not forgetting the mistakes of the past and not commit them in the future. Inside the fresco painting, in the lower part, is the body of an eagle, often a symbol of imperialism, which lies dead with open wings, as if to signify the defeat of fascism, in union with the broken lictor in the part in bottom right. At the center of the painting, on the other hand, forms an explosion that expands outwards, whose colors fade to red, making man reflect on his destructive power.


  • Lavenone (BS)