Located at an altitude of 831 m. the Fort of Valledrane is a work that is part of the Giudicarie Barrage. Its objectives ranged from the entire extension of Lake Idro to the heights between Capovalle and Valvestino, on which ran the Italian-Austrian border and the first line of the Giudicarie front. Its cannons intervened several times in the first days of war, this was followed by a common destiny to others and was disarmed. After the conflict it was definitively abandoned by the Army.
Recently a work of cleaning up the vegetation has been done and it can be visited (very carefully) both inside and outside. During the course of history, unfortunately, it has been robbed of any “dismountable” part.
The fortification is one of the largest buildings among the Italian ones. It develops above all in length, following the morphology of the ground with its level curves and therefore forming different steps (analogy with the Austrian work of Verle). The domes are therefore not arranged on the same floor but in groups of two, on three staggered terraces.
Although not having suffered any harm due to the war, still presents damage, due mostly to the work of the recoverers. Almost all the access stairs to the upper floor and part of the same floor are missing. Along the perimeter you can still see two of the defensive structures (a third was demolished) with a moat around. The fort was also equipped with an observatory dome positioned on the same level as the two highest domes


  • Treviso Bresciano (BS)