The association “Habitar in Sta Terra” was born with the desire to contribute to the awareness, defense and revaluation of the environment of Bagolino, understood in all its characteristics: historical, artistic, cultural and natural. Since the first years of existence the association has worked hard to collect materials, tools and furnishings that could represent an authentic testimony of the ethnographic corpus of Bagolino. Thanks to the constant dedication of many volunteers, this collection has been greatly expanded over the years. This is a large “archive” that is currently housed in two different locations: the first (in order of time) is on the ground floor of a building consisting of exhibition rooms and a large teaching room; the second, is the recent Casa Museo, located in the heart of the historic centre.
The latter, owned by the association “Habitar in sta Terra” since 2012, is a reality with a dual function of exposure and exhibition. The building had not undergone maintenance work for at least fifty years and the structure, internal and external, is presented as a coherent example of a Bagolino’s dwelling.


  • Madonna di San Luca street, 47, Bagolino