Mount Ere is a promontory that is part of the Brescia pre-Alps and separates Vallio Terme from the Valle Sabbia. In the 1970s the Alpini decided to build a small church on the top of this mountain. The place chosen was the Dosso dei Lupi, which dominates the plateau of Ere.
The project was entrusted to the architect Alessandro Berther who designed a small church, well integrated into the landscape, externally covered in stone and completed by a characteristic bell tower. The frescoes on the interior walls were entrusted to Giampietro Moretti from Virle. The construction took two years of intense work and the church was inaugurated in 1981.
The structure was finally dedicated to San Maurizio, patron saint of the Alpini. In conjunction with the construction of the church, a small shelter was built, enlarged in the early 2000s and inaugurated in 2005. It was named after General Luigi Reverberi, commander of the Tridentine division in Russia, in memory of all the fallen soldiers during that tragic event. Since then, on the anniversary of the construction of the church, in summer, a big alpine festival is celebrated at the top of Mount Ere.


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