The Church of Santa Maria Assunta is in the northern part of the Municipality of Vobarno. Located directly on the road, the church has access stairs both on the main front and side. Just the latter, once, was the main front of the ancient parish church, dedicated to S. Maria Assunta, and has a gabled façade.
This is divided into two orders, equipped with central openings, including a portal and a rectangular window, framed by relief squares that divide the facade into vertical sectors. To complete it there is a tympanum on top of which a metal cross has been placed as a crowning achievement.
The interior has a single nave, richly decorated and frescoed. The church is equipped with side altars and has a vaulted ceiling. The presbytery is raised and quadrangular, with lateral cantorias, and is closed by a semi-circular backdrop on which the high altar is set. Next to the church are the vestry and some service rooms.


  • Vobarno (BS)