The church is located in the centre of Bione and is preceded by a narrow churchyard, located at a lower level than the church floor, connected to it by some steps. The structure was built in the sixteenth century, on the remains of a church dedicated to St. Mary, built around the XI-XII century.
The façade is divided into two registers with central openings where, in the lower register, there is a richly decorated portal flanked by rectangular windows while in the upper register there is a mullioned window flanked by niches containing statues of saints. Both registers are characterised by four pilasters made of local stone, while above there is a protruding tympanum with high plumes at the top.
The interior has a single large nave, uniformly plastered and decorated, with fine side altars, with barrel vaulted roof set on a high cornice. Next to the presbytery, on the left side, there is the choir containing the organ. The presbytery is raised and quadrangular, with a frescoed barrel vault and a flat apsidal backdrop, at the center of which is the high altar. Next to the church there are the vastry, some service rooms and the bell tower.


  • località -Bione (BS)