The church is situated in a dominant position on a hillock, placed slightly outside the inhabited context of the hamlet of Treviso Bresciano.
In ancient times, the hill where the church is located was a Roman settlement. In fact, pre-existing buildings of a general nature date back to the period between the first and fourth centuries. The construction of the current structure is instead traced back to the eighteenth century.
Anticipated by a small churchyard, the church has a gabled façade, with central openings including a portal and a rectangular window flanked by pairs of pilasters, while above there is a jutting tympanum.The interior is a single room, entirely decorated, with side altars, the organ on the left side and a vaulted roof. The presbytery is raised and quadrangular, with a wooden choir and ending in a flat apse floor on which the large high altar is set. Next to the church there are the vestry, some service rooms and the bell tower.


  • Comune di Treviso Bresciano