The sanctuary of San Lino is a small church located in the hamlet of Binzago. Inserted in a prestigious environmental and landscape context, the church has a circular structure, preceded by a portico, with a central portal flanked by quadrangular windows and a window on the upper part of the front, while the roof is on two pitches.
The interior has a circular plan, with a single hall, with a two-pitched roof, while the presbytery, of small dimensions, raised and quadrangular, has a barrel-vaulted roof and a flat apse backdrop.
The cylindrical hall, preceded by a portico with paintings of the fifteenth century and welded to the east with the presbytery of the baroque age, shows a wall of small rounded blocks with irregularities, attributable to the eleventh century, like the two lancet windows, the occluded south in the loophole and the north one close at the same high as shoulders. The double-pitched roofing rests on an uplift of the modern age, which can be guessed at the iron chains that bind the arch to support the strata.
Of great importance is also the fresco with the saints Gervasio and Protasio, to whom the church was originally dedicated, in the middle of the fifteenth century.
Accessible from the western architrave portal, poorly illuminated and plastered, the circular space leads to the east in the barrel-vaulted shaped chapel, which is probably reworked with the Romanesque style. Plowing the ground along the north flank, excavations would have found burials (undocumented and covered), perhaps linked to the function of the sanctuary taken by the church in modern times.


  • località Binzago -Agnosine (BS)