Probably part of a subsidiary diaconia of the Parish Church of Santa Maria “ad undas” of Idro, the Church of Promo, dedicated to San Lorenzo, in the context of the original religious organization of the Pieve, may have been a chapel annexed to a shelter for pilgrims, already in the VIII or IX centuries, or perhaps earlier.Without a churchyard, the church has a gabled structure, with the facade simply plastered, and equipped with central openings, including a portal and a rectangular window. The inside is a single room, uniformly plastered and decorated, with a vaulted roof, and is equipped with side altars and a choir for the organ on the right side.The presbytery is raised and quadrangular, separated from the hall by a row of marble balustrades, and ends in a flat apse floor on which is set the large wooden high altar. Next to the church are the vestry, the bell tower, and some service rooms.
On the interior walls, uncovered and restored in recent years, there are interesting frescoes: one is dated 1533. But the real masterpiece is a majestic sixteenth-century polyptych, placed in plain sight in the presbytery, whose tables, albeit with some doubt, are attributed to Martino from Gavardo, a painter who worked in the early 1500s. In an elegant wooden architecture are inserted, in the lower register, the tables of the Madonna with S. Lorenzo and S. Stefano in full length, S. Giovanni and S. Giuseppe in half-length; in the upper register God with S. Sebastiano and S. Rocco on the sides and the Annunciation in the fastigium. It all leans on the predella in which the Last Supper is represented together with the martyrdom of S. Lorenzo.


  • Vestone (BS)