In agricultural communities such as Pertica Alta, after the specific feast of St. Anthony Abate which generally ends with the beginning of Lent, comes the period of Chaos; the world upside down, in which the buffoon can become king and vice-versa, thus reversing the constituted social order. Each hierarchy is overturned thanks the carnival, where the ordinary is replaced by exceptional. Opposites are celebrated and highlighted by masks: the good that escapes evil, the beautiful that dances with the ugly, the sacred that embraces the profane, etc… In Livemmo, during the Carnival, the focus is controlled delirium. It is celebrated throught the three principal masks: the “vècia del val” (the old lady whit a cest), “l’omahi dal zerlo” (the man in cest) and “il doppio” (a masks with two faces).


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