During the Second World War, on 5th March 1945, the Town of Provaglio witnessed the massacre of ten partisans belonging to the VII Matteotti Brigade. They were shot by the Black Brigades in Cesane, after being captured following a fire fight on Mount Besumè.
A memorial was placed in Cesane in memory of their names: Amilcare Baronchelli, Arnoldo Bellini, Angelo Bruno Cocca, Luigi Cocca, Teodoro Copponi, the Belgian Pierre Lanoy, Alfredo Poli, Gaetano Resa, Domenico Signori and Ferruccio Vignoni. On the marble of the monument you can read a sentence that recites: “Ten heroes of the Resistance who sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country”.
The fall of the brave partisans is commemorated every year, the first Sunday of March, right at the memorial stone of Cesane and the last Sunday of May at the church on Mount Besumè. This small church, dedicated to the figure of the Partisan, is situated at an altitude of 1100 m, on the top of Mount Besumè from which one can see the panorama of the Val Degagna.


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