Ideal place to stop and plan daily trips to the lake, the mountain, the city. Ideal place for lovers of cycling tourism, sailing, water sports, paragliding, bird watching, hiking. In fact, the province of Brescia on the side of the lake is borderland with that of Trento of Verona and Mantua. The b&b was born by chance, initially this new restructuring was nothing but our new home, but during construction while they were demolished the rubble of the 40s and 50s, out surfaced these wonderful granite boulders, carved by the hands of my father and my grandfather who built these houses in those years, so we thought we want to share this wonderful emotion for us with guests who come to visit us. The driving force for the realization of this b&b was the passion for the attention to detail, the fatigue to achieve the goal.
The imperfections that inhabit this b&b are desired and not, many works have been personally designed and executed, these “faults” in reality are for us, that tell us little self-taught story, when we put ourselves in the shoes of the most diverse craft categories that distinguish and enhance the Italian people.
The walnut at the window is an Italian Walnut planted in the 50s, is the ornament and company when in the summer you sit on the terrace to enjoy the typical “breeze” from Valle Sabbia that in the morning descends from the valley to come back in the evening. Our air and water rooms have been designed to offer you a warm embrace thanks to the beams and stones and to give you the peace that you can usually have only at home. The B&B is in Vallesabbia easy to reach thanks to the tangenziale road, and near a bike path.


  • Via Guglielmo Marconi,7