The village of Bagolino is an ancient medieval village located in the upper Valle Sabbia, not far from Lake Idro. Tourist destination for the evocative atmosphere and important cultural center of the valley, the village is characterized by an aspect that seems to have been preserved over time, with its narrow streets of pavement, arcades, fountains, squares and the old town.

From the historical-cultural point of view, in the bagosso territory the “Habitar In Sta Terra” House Museum is active, a museum that collects ancient objects and documents about the past of the country and organizes activities in which to deepen history and traditions of the place. Occasionally it also organizes guided tours to discover the village and the ancient and beautiful churches, San Giorgio and San Rocco.

Another reason to visit Bagolino is definitely the geological site Romaterra where to identify the passage between two geological eras Ladinico and Anisico was placed a nail from the color of gold, that’s why also called Chiodo d’Oro.

In terms of gastronomy, Bagolino produces Bagòss cheese, with an intense and particular flavour, made from milk from Brune Alpine cows. Next to the Bagòss we also find our own butter, a tasty and tasty butter used, among other things, in the preparation of traditional dishes such as Malfatti and Mèreconde.

To complete the picture, a wide range of sports to practice and things to do during your free time, such as , trekking, mountain biking, climbing, fishing, tennis, bowling, horse riding, alpine skiing.


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