Who is looking for a quiet place to live a day in nature without traveling several kilometres by car, can climb to Serle, a sunny village in the province of Brescia, to dive, after a few twists and turns in a slight ascent road, in the green terraces of Cariadeghe plateau. Here in Casinetto, between grassy meadows and wooden areas, the Bodei Giuseppe farm has been home for generations. For a couple of decades now it has taken over and adapted the activity of the old family tavern, conceiving a receptive structure that is easy and familiar. Whoever enters the Agriturismo Casinetto di Serle is welcomed with grace and cordiality and smells the scent of good things that they remind of home. The nature from which come the products that end up on the tables of Agriturismo Casinetto, is captured in the delicate flavours of home-made sausages and the real and rich flavour of the tasty meats.


  • Via Casinetto, 10